Rikki Woods

Rikki Woods

The Bathwater

Rikki Woods hits things with sticks. Before she hit things with sticks, she hit things with rocks. Before she hit things, she played almost every woodwind instrument. This lead to her developing an invisible blow gun that she uses to shoot imaginary poison darts at people she doesn't like. Sometimes, she screams into a mic with her other band, Infinite Parallels. Besides music, she also enjoy knitting, water polo, running the Doris Day Fan Club, fart jokes and recreating the office scene from Fight Club.

A finalist and fan favorite three years running (2014, 2015 & 2016) in the Hit Like a Girl international drumming contest, Rikki Woods is the drummer for punk band The Bather. She proudly endorses Soultone Cymbals.


My Soultone Set: 

12” Custom Splash
14” Custom Hi-Hats
14" Custom Brilliant Hi-Hats
18” Custom Crash
20” Custom Crash
22” Custom Ride
15” FXO 12 Effect Crash