Rafal Klimczuk

Rafal Klimczuk

Rafal Klimczuk is a 30 year old exceptionally experienced drummer from

Warsaw. Rafal is a graduate of the Warsaw School of Classical music at

both primary and secondary levels. In 2004 he studied at the Katowice

Music Academy specializing in Jazz.

As a drummer he his currently playing for various Polish groups

including GOYA, Pink Freud, Janusz Panasewicz (solo project), Marina

Loczenko, Ingrid, September, Velvet, Balabend, Streetlive,

Pinkbusters, Cocaloca, Marek Sosnicki (Jazz Quartet)

He has gained much live performance experience from working with

artists such as Ania Dobrowska, Hania Stach, Marcin Nowakowski, Halina

Frackowiak, Janusz Radek, Ala Boratyn, Fuse, Kavaa, Nusoulcity, Tigra,

Miennta and Konfuzz amoung others.

In 2006 he began to develop his own solo project Jabbafinasky.

Rafal preferred genres include Gospel, R'nB. Pop and Latin styles

however he specializes in club music such as Drum n Bass, Dubstep and

breakbeat as can be seen by his project Jabbafinasky.


Konfuzz- elektronowa. 2000r

Miennta- mysli polamane. 2002r

Konfuzz- soda. 2003r

Tigra - antygravity. 2002r

Goya - horyzont zdarzen. 2008r

Marek Sosnicki. 2009r

Janusz Panasewicz . 2009r

Goya -od wschodu do zachodu . 2009r

Ala Boratyn. 2010r

Magda Wujcik - utkane z wyobrarzen. 2010r