Patrick James Sacré

Patrick James Sacré

Pandora's Key

Patrick James Sacré was born on January 8, 1984 in the city of Rhenen, the Netherlands. Heavily influenced by all sorts of musical genres like jazz, funk, hiphop but most of all rock/metal music and drummers like Kenny Aronoff, Mike Portnoy, Dave Weckl, Randy Black and Paul Bostaph, Aquiles Priester and Gene Hoglan.
At the age of 9 he was sent to a music school at a local primary school. At first he wanted to play classical guitar. But after being sent to a workshop featuring all different kinds of musical instruments, he saw a drummer who was beating the hell out of a drumset. Then he knew what he wanted.....

My Soultone Set: 

18" Custom Brilliant RA Crash

19" Custom Brilliant RA Crash

10" FXO 5

18" FXO 6 China

18" Custom Brilliant RA China

22" Custom Brilliant Big Bell Ride

14" Custom Brilliant Hihats

14" Custom Brilliant RA Hihats