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Nate Tharp

Nate Tharp

Nate is a 12 year drummer that hails from Colorado. He first began playing the drums at age 7, and his drum career took off from there. He plays with the School of Rock starting with Boulder, and now Denver. He was chosen to be the SOR houseband drummer at the early age of 8, playing besides those twice his age. Since being noticed around the Colorado music scene, he is asked to fill in for numerous drum gigs with both teen and adult bands. He has played in major venues around CO, including the ever famous Red Rocks.

Nate also is the drummer for the Running with Scizzors

Including in his busy schedule, he travels to LA to study with Glen Sobel (Alice Cooper) and Nate Morton (NBC the Voice houseband drummer). and to check out the LA music scene.

Though he is young, Nate’s incredible talent is of a professional. He enjoys playing any genre of music, has incredible stage presence, and loves playing along with many talented musicians.

My Soultone Set: 

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