Marzio Lia

Marzio Lia


Marzio Lia was born in Turin (Northern Italy) he now lives in Sersale, a small country in Calabria (Southern Italy).
He started his music career as drummer, but he is also a singer, composer and arranger.
In 2008 he graduated in Arts, Music and Performing Arts at the University of Calabria.
Marzio has had several live experiences as drummer and as singer. He has done his greatest experience as singer in a melodic metal band Nemesis and with them he recorded a self-produced EP entitled "Confessions" and two singles, "Chimera" and "Denied words".
In 2004 he started to play drums with a grunge band Facelift, and with them he recorded the single "Clouds".
As singer he recorded a solo single called "Veleno" (2013), "Il treno dei miracoli" (2014) and "I'll not be the same" (2016) under the pseudonym of Renuar.
He plays drums with Sebo (Alternative rock).
In May 2015 Sebo released their first self-produced EP "Ombre".
In September 2016 Sebo released "SMAC".

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