Mark Holling

Mark Holling

Independent Artist

A deep-pocket groove, great feel and solid time are a given every time Mark Holling sits down behind a set of drums. He is truly a songwriter’s drummer with a signature sound and musical voice that comes through every song or style of music he plays.

Mark has played, toured and/or recorded with numerous world-class musicians. Having lived and worked in the Los Angeles music scene for many years, it afforded him the opportunity to be involved in a multitude of great musical situations; Kevin Dukes (guitarist for Billy Joel, Don Henley and Jackson Browne), Michael Carabello (conga player for Santana), Keith Allen (guitarist for The Steve Miller Band), Bryan Brock (percussionist for Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons) are just a few of the many players, singers and songwriters Mark has had the pleasure of working with.

Having been born into a musical family, Mark knew at the early age of seven that the drums were the instrument he wanted to play for the rest of his life. He began playing professionally in his early teens. He has appeared on television, recorded on numerous projects that include movie trailers, soundtracks, demos and cd’s. He has also been involved for many years in the Christian Contemporary Music scene and was a founding member of the Shelly T Band. Other Christian artist’s that Mark has worked with live and in studio are Doug Brons, Andy Cater, Jon Illg and Dominion, and Three Times Even. He was the original drummer for the live theatrical and musical production of Jerusalem A.D. and has performed in many live concerts with some of the biggest names in Christian Contemporary Music.

Along with being a songwriter, Mark has also been involved with several major percussion manufacturers as a consultant, rep and design professional.

Mark Holling currently makes his home in Northern California’s Bay Area and is proud to be one of the newest members to the Soultone endorsing family.

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