Marco "The Italian Drummer" Cirigliano

Marco "The Italian Drummer" Cirigliano

One More Day

On March 31, 1997, the world welcomed a new drummer into the world. Marco “The Italian Drummer” Cirigliano was born in Rochester, New York, and is determined to put his city on the map, whatever it takes. From a young age of 9 years old, when his cousin Demitrio Albano showed him his first drum set beat, Marco fell in love with the drums. From that day, he knew that drumming was his destiny and he would devote the rest of his life to achieving his goal to become a big name drummer. All throughout his life, growing up attending Spencerport Central Schools, he gifted several bands with his musical talent, including the Spencerport Jazz Ensemble, Percussion Ensemble, Pep Band, Drumline, and many other appearances as a drummer. After performing with several different Rochester musicians, Marco decided it was time to take his talent and dream to the next level, and branch out to another state. After researching several colleges, he found McNally Smith College of Music (St. Paul, Minnesota) to be his choice because they were a contemporary music college and were the only college to offer Hip-Hop studies in the world. As a drummer who dreams of drumming for a Hip Hop/R&B/Pop artist, Marco decided this was definitely the college that will push his skills further than they’ve ever been pushed.

Heavily influenced by Gospel drumming, this played a big role in Marco’s drumming style. Being self taught, he would constantly be on YouTube and watch his idols such as Aaron Spears, Eric Moore, Tony Royster Jr., Jerome Flood II, Ramon Sampson, Mike Johnston, Gerald Heyward, Benny Greb, Teddy Campbell, all the cats, and many more. By ritualistically watching YouTube videos of talented drummers, Marco was able to teach himself how to reiterate certain drum fills and create his own ideas based off of those. This is what makes Marco such a diverse drummer. You can give him any drum material, and since he is ear trained, he is bound to learn the drum part by mentally transcribing it. Growing up listening to a lot of Hip Hop, Rap, Pop, and R&B, Marco set his goal at the young age of 9 to become a professional drummer for his career choice. Many people said that it was unrealistic and probably wouldn’t happen, but of course, since Marco has such strong passion and determination for the drums, he didn’t care because that was a risk that he was willing to take.

Marco’s main goal is to drum for one or more trending artists that play on the radio. As of now, Marco is the drummer for an R&B/Funk/Dance group called One More Day. They are a group of students, all playing different instruments, who collectively create a sound that makes you want to dance. Marco’s drumming style in that band is usually and upbeat dance or pop beat with Gospel influenced drum fills. This makes it entertaining for the listeners. Our fan base stretches across the nation as you would imagine for a band with such a diverse sound. Marco has big plans for himself and the band, and he is definitely a drummer to keep an eye out for. Check out his YouTube channel “TheItalianDrummer” and go like his artist and band Facebook pages. Marco proudly endorses Soultone Cymbals and Rich Sticks.

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