Larry G the Drum Nerd

My objective is to continue a successful career in being a drum musician with a self- taught background in music. I am eager to continue launching a successful career with a progressive organization that recognizes my drive, dedication and integrity with the love and heart for musical growth. I am able and willing to adjust to changes and travel the world.


(Gospel Artist)

• Rance Allen
• The Bolton Brothers
• Shirley Ceaser
• Mighty Clouds of Joy
• John P. Kee
• KeKe Sheard
• CeCe and BeBe Winans
• Lee Williams

(R&B/ Rap Artist)

• Urban Mystic
• The Manhattan
• Fred P

(Locations Played)

• The Alabama Theater ( Birmingham, AL)
• The Black Native Jazz Legend ( New Orleans, LA)
• Jazz Hall of Fame ( Birmingham, AL)

(Locations Toured)

• Alaska
• Europe
• Jamaica
• Mexico

• Rock Band of America
• Garage 19
• Franklin Road Brothers Rock Band

Professional Summary:

I have opened up for Denise LaSalle Blues Convention and played at the Jazz Convention in Dolomite, AL. I enjoyed playing and grooving to the beat of the music that can heal and touch people in ways that is hard to explain, and with saying that I also teach drum classes ( Tuscaloosa, AL) to those who have the desire to want to heal and touch people through music. I want to continue to share my skills and gifts that God has blessed me with worldwide.

My Soultone Set: 

NOA Cymbal Pack 19" Ride -16" Crash-13" Hi Hats