Kenny Orf

Kenny Orf

Incessant/ independent

Hey, what's up?
My name is Kenny Orf and I am the drummer and percussionist of Incessant. I'm seventeen years old and have been drumming for roughly thirteen years. I've been playing drums, technically since I was two, as that was when I began playing strange rhythms on pots and pans with my hands, and wooden spoons. I've been playing as a serious musician for roughly the past 8 years.
I got my first drum set when I was four, and from there my playing took off. I was really influenced in my early years by Nicko McBrain of Iron Maiden. I began my playing by teaching myself the most basic things by watching other drummers do it. I had learned how to set up, and play at the most basic level purely by watching Nicko.
As I grew up and began to take music more seriously I found myself being influenced by other drummers like Nick Menza, Gar Samuelson, and few others. I continued playing through the next several years until about thirteen when I truly began taking music more seriously, and I began to look to more technically advanced drummers such as Tim Alexander of Primus, Jay Lane of Ratdog, Robert Searight of Snarky puppy, Tony Royster Jr., Nick Smith along with other groove based drummers such as John Bonham, Brian Mantia, Stewart Copeland, Tré Cool, and many others.
At 14 I discovered Soultone cymbals while watching Nick Menza play “Ghost resurrection” by widek, and I was really intrigued by the cymbals he was playing. Not only were they very visually pleasing, they also sounded absolutely gorgeous. I soon discovered they were his custom Soultone cymbals. But from watching that video, it sent me spiraling into an entire new cymbal world outside of all the other companies. What I found in this new world was the best cymbals out on the market, reaching out to every extent of your cymbal dreams, and creating every possible cymbal tone you could imagine.
I was honored with the ability to become part of the soultone cymbals family on May the 21st, 2016, as I signed my contract that day.
Incessant is progressive metal/punk metal band, inspired by the likes of Metallica, Tool, Primus, Korn etc, and it really shows in our writing. Keep an eye out for our music to be released in the near future!

I currently endorse:
Soultone Cymbals
T&K Custom Drums

My Soultone Set: 

8” Extreme Splash
10” Gospel Splash
12" Custom natural fxo b3/10" Gospel China Stack.
14” Vintage hi-hats/ 14" Natural hi-hats.
17” Gospel Crash
18” Gospel Crash
19" Custom Brilliant Crash
18” Vintage China
20” Gospel Ride.