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Kalonica *NICX* Chrisandy

Kalonica *NICX* Chrisandy

Kalonica (*NICX*) 8 years old, showed her first interest on Drum when she was 6, She liked to follow her Father jamm’in at the Music Studio, watching people drumming on TV and She often took a pair of Drum Stick and loves hitting them around and Drumming anywhere. One day, She asked Her Father to teach her how to play, He realized that this little girl learn fast, but never took it seriously. He sometimes videoing her drum playing & upload it to YouTube.

She began a vocal class at 7 year old but She’s always pass through the Drum class to pay attention to the drummer from the big glass and she would ask to be in a Drum course. After 2 months Vocal course we then let her had both with the Drum for satisfied her curious of drumming. After a month because of the limited budget, She’s then asked to choose one, either Vocal, Drum or try Piano. She insist to continue with the Drum. Since then, She’s having a Drum course 4 times a month (45 minutes / lesson). That time, I thought that she’ll only last for 2 – 3 months for the Drum lesson (as we know playing drum is not that easy & like most children do, lots desire then get bored), must admit we’re wrong :) ! Her drum teacher (Ka Dani) often gives extra time for *NICX* sometimes 2 times a week, 1 to 2 hours lesson. He said *NICX* got the spirit, Talented & hit like an extraordinary girl.

As she’s not yet has her own drum, usually she’s practicing at Family’s Rental Music Studio in her spare time. She’s free to decorate / name the drum & use it as long as it’s available because Her own Father manage the Studio.

Kalonica likes to watch all Drummer as all have their own superiority , Mike Mangini & Mike Portnoy most of all because she want to have a drum set like them :)

She’s very happy to get SoulTone Cymbal Endorsment & loves all SoulTone Cymbals, they're all sound great! She’s presenting her drum playing with SoulTone Cymbals through this video , hope you’ll enjoy & like it!

Thank You SoulTone, God Bless !


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