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Julián Calvo

Julián Calvo

Jose Matera - Dani Zapata - Tendencia HxC

Julián Calvo was born in 1989 in San Gil (Santander-Colombia) but he grew up in Pereira that is his current location. He discovered his passion for drums when he was 12 and started to play in a band. Then, in 2006 he received his first drum set which was used to play in the first rock band he was at that time. Julián Calvo has played different genres like Latin Rock, Rock Pop, Symphonic Metal, Hardcore, metalcore and now exploring new sounds that make him advance every day in his drumming.

Nowadays, he has been playing in Tendencia HxC since 2007 and Wasted 2x0 since 2013 in which he participated recording the album “Entre Amores & Odios”. Julián has performed in different recognized Colombian festivals like Convivencia Rock (Pereira), Calibre Festival (Cali), Manizales Grita Rock (Manizales), Urbana Rock (Barranquilla), Eje Rock (Pereira), and others around the country. Since he has not taken academic classes, everything he knows was learned by his own. That's why he keeps practicing constantly to overcome himself every day and to show everything he can perform with his drums even by teaching drums which is another of his passions.

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