Jose Miguel Fabre

Jose Miguel Fabre

Jose Miguel Fabre, Ecuadorian drummer, member of the bands Lolabum, 92`, Sagou Mc, Koala Precipicio. Session and freelance drummer.
Currently playing with Lolabum, indierock band, pop, etc, being one of the emerging bands of his country, participating in festivals like Saca El Diablo, Fiesta De La Musica Alianza Francesa, Festival Mutante, Feuce Q, QuitoFest, among others.
In addition, he has performed with several bands and artists, among them Les Petit Batards, Monosapiens, Santacena, Yetiz, Panico, Guanaco Mc, Michale Graves (Ex Misfits), etc.
Demonstrating his mastery of different genres, in the bands he has played, such as Rock, Metal, Punk, Pop, Noise, Progressive, Hip Hop, etc.
At the same time he has shared stage with internationally renowned bands such as Legs, Plastilina Mosh, Cuarteto de Nos, Cafe Tacuba, Sepultura, etc.
He is currently in recording processes, different bands, new musical projects, festivals and concerts to come.
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Wed 19

August 5, Lolabúm live at Quitofest 2017, sharing stage with bands such as Sepultura, Suicide Silence, Cafe Tacuba,... Read More