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João Luiz Couto Teixeira

João Luiz Couto Teixeira

João Luiz Couto Teixeira, also known as J. Couto Neto, son of actress and singer, Lucia Lombardi, great-granddaughter of illustrious Vicente Celestino, to 8 years of age begin to tread your way of love for art of drumming.
As a teacher, my students step, a practical and interesting way to learn to play the drums, through my methods.
Play with bands and artists of various styles of Brazilian popular music, instrumental and Gospel.
During his career, he prized for his study and dedication to the instrument. I studied with drummers that took me to the initial learning until the preparation for the professional market.

My Soultone Set: 

Vintage Old School 1964 14" HiHat
Vintage Old School 1964 17" Crash
Vintage Old School 1964 20" Ride/Crash

Vintage Old School Patina 22" Ride/Crash
Extreme China 18"
Extreme Splash 8"
Extreme Splash 10"