Jessy ‘’Jazzy’’ Pattynama

Jessy ‘’Jazzy’’ Pattynama


Jessy ‘’Jazzy’’ Pattynama from Lelystad, a city nearby Amsterdam, in The Netherlands. Just 3 years old his Australian uncle said “Yeah, this boy is gonna be a drummer someday!” while Jessy was slamming the spoons on the coffee cups in the kitchen. And that someday came when Jessy was 10 years old. On his 11th birthday he got his first drum set and started taking lessons.

His first encounter with other musicians was in the 6th grade. They formed a band and played as youngsters at local cultural events. They even recorded a single, a cover of Santana’s Oye como va, produced by their band coach Raoul Soentken, owner of the in Holland well known ‘’Edgetip Studio’s‘’ in Arnhem.


In the beginning of January 2017, Jessy received a message from a NU- Metal band called ''Frontstreet''. They were looking for a new drummer, because their original drummer quit the band for personal reasons, so they invited Jessy for an audition/try-out. The band members of ''Frontstreet'' were no strangers to Jessy. He played with some band members in different bands like ''Jazzy en de Pattynama's'' and the Limp Bizkit Tribute band ''Counterfeit''. So the vibe was good right from the start.
After a month of rehearsing and practicing the songs from ''Frontstreet'', Jessy got his first gig as a subsitute at a small Rock pub called ''Jack's Music Bar'' in Zwolle. It was a great show and it was full packed from the front to the back.

On 12 February 2017, ''Frontstreet'' announced that Jessy is official the new drummer of the band. A couple of days later Frontstreet was invited for a live performance by the Dutch national radio ''NPO3FM''. Radio DJ ''Kaj van der Ree'' was overwhelmed by ''Frontstreet'' their performance and said: ''This band is gonna be big! Everbody will remeber the name ''Frontstreet''. For more info check out .

Jazzy en de Pattynama's:

After playing in a variety of “just for fun” bands, Jessy and three of his friends formed their first real band. After long, late night brainstorm sessions thinking of a name for the band they decided to just call themselves “Jazzy en de Pattynama’s” or J and the P’s. Not the most original name but it was catchy. The band played at numerous occasions and events in and around Lelystad. They played at The Underground, The Meester and local festivals Jolpop, Artifest and Lelystart.
They also played as support act for upcoming dutch artists “Drive Like Maria” and the psychedelic rock band “Dewolff”.

At the end of 2013 they released their first self-titled EP. Four strong tracks “Between two walls”, “Fifth Avenue”, ‘’Save me’’ and the hit single ‘’Miles And Miles’’. The release party was held at The Underground in hometown Lelystad. They rocked the house with a smashing performance and fully lived up to their reputation!

In 2016 the band decided to quit. Because other band members got other projects and bands.


Jessy is also the drummer of the band Counterfeit, a Limp Bizkit Tribute Band. The band has a lot of energy and play the songs exact the same way as Limp Bizkit. 2015 was a great year for Counterfeit. They have won the Oerrock Playoffs and played at one of the biggest festivals in Northern Netherlands called ''Oerrock''. Counterfeit played a gig way beyond Oerrocks standards.

School and influence:

Jessy attended a school for artists in Zwolle. Although he didn’t graduate, his time at school made him a better drummer. He also had the chance to perform at Hedon, T’ Ukien and Odeon De Spiegel.
Jessy Pattynama a rock drummer by nature. He is a high energy drummer and is at his best on stage. His performance is, as he calls it himself, “intense”. Some even see him as the frontman due to his on stage presence. Jessy’s idols are Dave Grohl, Taylor Hawkins and Joey Castillo. These drummers inspired him and had a major influence to his style of drumming.

My Soultone Set: 

24'' Custom Crash/Ride
21'' Vintage Ride
20'' Custom Brilliant RA Crash
17'' Custom Brilliant Crash
16'' Gospel Crash
15'' Custom Brilliant RA Hi-hats
11'' Custom Brilliant Splash
09'' Gospel Splash


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