Eden Bahar

Eden Bahar


When Eden’s mother was pregnant with him, his father would take a speaker and hold it against her belly while playing Johannes Brahms piano concerto no 2. Eden is pretty sure this is where his love for music, and specifically classical music, all began.

From the very first moment he was capable of wrapping his hand around a drumstick, there would be no letting go of it.

At the age of eight, he was already performing publicly. When he was 14 he went on his first tour.

Soon after, he was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to perform all around the world learning from one of the most talented and renowned musicians in Israel, Yaron Bahar, who happens to also be his father.

In the army, Eden served in the Israel Defence Force orchestra for two years. Following his service, Eden's professional career took off. He found himself performing across many continents playing a variety of musical genres and meeting remarkable musicians along the way.

Eden's passion and enthusiasm for new projects are unwavering. He would love to collaborate with anyone who wants to get funky and explore new sounds & techniques! Nothing makes him happier than seeing people dancing to the beat of his drum.

Eden also studied with: Prof. Rafi Kadishzon - Conducting, Tomer Yariv - Orchestral percussion, Kenwood Dennard, Clayton Cameron, Chris Coleman, John Riley, Steve Gadd, Horacio Hernandez, David Z. Rich - Drums, Guru Samir Chatterjee - Tabla, Frederick "MILO" Darboh - Djembe and Dundun

My Soultone Set: 

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19" Custom Brilliant RA Crash
18" Custom Brilliant Crash
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16" Custom Brilliant Crash
10" Gospel Splash
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