Diego xtxxy Camaño

Diego xtxxy Camaño

Diego xtxxy Camaño (born on September 30, 1982 in the city of Wilde, Buenos Aires, Argentina) is an Argentine drummer and composer. He began his relationship with music at early age through Angentine Folklore, and after developing enough knowledge of this style for several years he decided to change the traditional "bombo legûero" (a typical single drum used in this genre) for a full blown drum set. This change allowed him to enter into the world of Rock and Heavy Metal music.

He has founded and been a member of numerous bands, amongst which some of the most distinguished are E.s.t.i.g.i.a., Purasangre, Cronicas del mercenario and Condor Cruz.

He is currently known for his performance in RAVENSOUL, a project that will soon release their work through a record label called DON´T PAY MUSIC.

During these 16 years of career as a drummer he has played countless shows including concerts in The Oriental Republic of Uruguay and the Province of Cordoba, Argentina.

In this moment he is also dictating Clinics throughout the country for the brands that support him.

Diego xtxxy Camaño attended to the "Avellaneda Popular Music School" and after that he started to study on his own becoming mostly a self-taught musician.

He made several Clinics developing exercises to optimize the so called "speed runs" with double kick drums, and also explained certain concepts of Progressive Rock style while being endorser of a local drumsticks brand during that period of time. He is now being sponsored by the prestigious drums brand called DDRUM, as well as SOULTONE cymbals and DTMUSIC sticks.

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