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Demetrius “Meech” Cross

Demetrius “Meech” Cross

Demetrius “Meech” Cross – I’ve been playing drums since the age of 5. I’m 39 and still going strong! I have traveled with many bands, playing all types of music from Maine to Florida. I won awards in Jr high and high school for best drummer, jazz and band, and I also won a trip to universal studios to perform back in ‘94. I’ve done a couple clinics here in WV, VA, TN and SC. I’m currently teaching at two music stores and in my home, playing full time at church, subbing at other churches, playing big conventions, convocations and concerts and also playing a lot of jazz and blues with 2 bands right now,also a drum instructor and I’m an independent drummer playing for anybody who needs me for any style of music

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I’ve tried a whole lot of cymbals during my career as a drummer, playing different styles of music such as pop, rock, country, hip hop, Gospel & jazz. I’ve used so many different types of cymbals for each occasion and I was tired of that. Zildjian for 1 gig, sabian or paiste for another, and the list goes on. So I was introduced to soultone by a good friend of mine and once I tried a soultone cymbal, I realized this company knew how to make a really good sounding durable cymbals. They can give me the sound that I want for any situation,loud to soft,dark to bright,and that made it even better!

My Soultone Set: 

16" FXO 12 J Crash
17" FXO 12 Crash
18" FXO Cross Crash
14" Extreme Hi Hat Pair
21" Extreme Ride