Daryian Kelton

Daryian Kelton

Rev3aled Worship/Serious Matters/Independent

Daryian Kelton, A.K.A. Drummer Boy X, is 23 Years old from Ewing, New Jersey. He started playing drums when he was 7 and loved it ever since. When he started playing in church he grew to learn many different styles especially since he played with Jazz legends outside of church. He is now making a greater appearance on Social Media through Instagram and YouTube! Be on the lookout for this young man in a town or computer near you!!

Live Performance Pt. 1

Live Performance Pt. 2

Live Performance Pt. 3

Live Performance Pt. 4

My Soultone Set: 

15" Prototype HiHats
19" Extreme Crash
19" Vintage Crash/Ride
21" Prototype Crash/Ride
17" Secret Stack