Arttu Malkki

Arttu Malkki

My name is Arttu Malkki and I live in the icy mountains up in Northern Sweden; well not really in the mountains but they are nearby, hehe.

The city is called Ostersund and it´s a pretty cool place to live in.

There´s alot of music going on up here and that´s the main reason I have stayed in this cold place.

I´ve been playing drums for as long as I remember. I started playing in my first band at the age of ten.

Now I´m 32 and still going strong! The music I and the bands I´m a member in, are strictly metalbands in different forms.

Heavymetal and deathmetal to be more precise. The bands I play in: Souldrainer, Aeon and Sanctification.

The reason I play this kind of music is that it is really physical and challenging. Alot of doublebass and blastbeats to say the least!

Well if you wanna hear samples of the bands I play in It´s all available on Myspace!

Finally I just wanna send a big thanks to the guys at Soultone that were kind enough to give me a sponsordeal.

Earlier I´ve used all thinkable kinds of cymbals. But Soultone really hits the spot with amazing clarity and brilliant sound in their cymbals.