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"" The Locust always wanted to know the world.
As the years passed, his idea of jumping around the globe was growing bigger,
anxiety was the seed of the blooming desperation as time passed by

One day, The Death comes to visit and offers the Locust the hability of having
the greatest jumps ever with some new leather wings, so he could give that lap around the world.
As the locust was filled with euphoria and his tears were bathing the round eyes, Death clarifies:

"Wings shall be given, but when this point is again reached,wings and Locust with me will be taken"

The Locust accepts and starts speeding towards east, having in mind "what's next? what's beyond the horizon?".
Everytime he reached the ground, it was just an inspiration to jump stronger as he was amazed with this new ability of chasing the house of the sun.
Many places were left behind by the premise of a bigger purpose.
He didn't rest, he didn't ask questions.

His thrill was about to end as he left the ground for the last time, because he saw death again in the horizon,
who was waiting for him as she promised, ready to take him for the next page.

In this final jump, The Locust lost interest in the horizon; he knew that nothing faithful was there.
Anxiety erased the thousand roads he could had walked and be claimed as their.

What his eyes could not see, his hand could not reach. ""

Coming in mid December, IVAN's first album "THE LOCUST SPECULATION" will have the sound you've been waiting for.

A mixture of deep Progressive Metal influences such as Dream Theater and Haken, symphonic epic passages, classic rock tunes,
even lyric singers and experiments are included in this 11-track journey.

What's special about this?
It is the gathering of awesome talents that Diego Caetano have known since the beggining of his musical life, a project that can be
compared to Arjen Lucassen's "Ayreon", only with the difference that IVAN will have Diego Caetano as a Drummer, Guitarist, Bassist, Singer and Mixer.

Among the guest list, there are amazing people such as Guilhem Desq from France, an awesome talented Hurdy Gurdy player from the world of progressive metal,
Agustin Pardo from Uruguay, multi instrumentalist who will be participating in flute solos and brass arrangements.
Also the talent from diverse guitar players will be present, such as Federico Doglio, Maru Martinez, Gustavo Ferrero, Ruben De Geus and more yet to come.
Selene Dominguez, opera singer, writer, literature professor will take part in singing 3 of the songs, in wich she also wrote the lyrics.

How to make this possible?
As IVAN is an independend project, the best way to get the budget is trough a crowdfunding campaign, wich has a deadline on SEPT 30th

Come take a look to the video showing some bits of the album and explaining how is it going to be built!