ELARCOS introducing "Tecnocracia" album LIVE

The uruguayan Progressive-Fusion Metal band comes to the scenario with a new studio album to show in Bluzz Live, Montevideo.

After 3 years of intense hard work, Elarcos comes to the first live performance of the songs.
The album is yet in the mixing stage, but there are a couple singles to be uploaded briefly, and a drum video of the Soultone artist Diego Caetano.

The show will be performed with the instrumental progressive band "Malktus", with a funny, odd and irreverent show,
live appearances of Marcello Palermo (Keyboard player in the album),
Mario Yetatore (former keyboard player and composer of Elarcos) and Gabriel Kohout (live Keyboard player from La Plata, Argentina).

Carolina Perez Etchandy, singer from the great revelation power metal band "Crystal Gates" will be joining the performance, as she also recorded voice parts in
one of the songs included in the conceptual album "Tecnocracia".

October 23rd;
This will be a powerful and vibrating progressive night!
Tickets on sale in TickAntel

link to the fb event: https://www.facebook.com/events/407263046145340/
link to the demo: https://soundcloud.com/elarcos/microapolog-a
fb band page: https://www.facebook.com/elarcos