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Back to Soultone Cymbals!

Greetings Artists, Fans and Soultone Family,

I was asked about why I left Soultone Cymbals and the reasons for coming back and re-joining the Soultone Family.
Well I wanted to experience other sounds and product at the time I was with Soultone for 6 years. So I left the company and looked for sounds from other companies. I eventually came to the realization that the sound I wanted came from Soultone Cymbals. So I called Mr. Tomer and asked to come back home to the Soultone Family.
Soultone Cymbals in my opinion produces the best cymbals on the Market, they have quality and and they tailored to the Artist, there is nothing that they can’t make. I also like the fact the the founder and owner hand picks every artist cymbals as well. Soultone to me is a family they take time to also check on there Artist and really show concern. What I look for in a cymbal Company to sponsor is the relationship, communication, and professionalism that they offer. To me Soultone is the best these is no other competitor in my book, I have tried other products but with Soultone my sound is unique and its me.
I love the fact when I ask for something I get in a timely manner and I love the hammered series very brilliant and a clean sound in the Studio. I just recently retired from the military and now I am doing more music projects now and there are not too many companies that put the Artist signature on there cymbals, I love that as well. So if you want a better Cymbal that is true to its sound and that is unique and is tailor made to your sound and image choose Soultone and I promised you won’t be disappointed they are the best

God Bless,

Brian C. Ewell

Soultone Cymbals Artist